A Point Of Differentiation

LAS VEGAS—“Always adding value” might be part of the creed at Hanley Investment Group, but according to president Ed Hanley, the company backs it up with tactics that make some key differences for an investor. GlobeSt.com spoke with Hanley at RECon 2016 about why he’s seeing a slow-to-move buying phenomenon, and touched on a topic not often discussed in commercial real estate…giving back. You’ll also hear Hanley discuss:

  • If there has been a shift in client expectation in the wake of the first half’s volatility;
  • Where Hanley is placing its bets for the months ahead;
  • Can there really be a true differentiation between competing firms; and
  • The importance of the Movember Movement and how mustaches figure in Hanley’s commitment (Yes, mustaches).

Click here to watch the video interview

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