Nairi Mahroukian

Operations Manager

As Operations Manager at Hanley Investment Group, Nairi is committed to ensuring all aspects of the company’s daily operations run smoothly to align with Hanley Investment Group’s quality standards and core values. Nairi also manages and tracks all retail investment assets as it relates to pursuits, listed, on market, in escrow, and closed deals, as well as handling on-boarding of employees and independent contractors.

With more than 15 years of experience, Nairi has a considerable amount of expertise in operations and office management. She maximizes the efficiency of all business procedures through technology and processes, while ensuring the company stays legally compliant under corporate and DRE laws.

Previously, Nairi served as the Operations Manager at Arcturus, a real estate asset management firm based out of New York City. Her responsibilities included facilitating day-to-day operations of the firm and served as a primary internal and external point of contact for all matters relating to accounting, legal, and insurance.

Nairi graduated from California State University of Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

Outside of work, Nairi is very adventurous. She has traveled to more than 50 countries and loves exploring different cultures. She enjoys spending time outdoors, going to the beach, and attending music events.

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