Diana Nguyen

Graphic Designer

As a Graphic Designer at Hanley Investment Group, Diana is responsible for the strategic marketing materials developed for retail investment properties nationwide. She is also responsible for graphic design, social media, print concepts, and market research. Diana works alongside the agents and associates to produce detailed offering memorandums to exceed client expectations.

Diana began her design career at RSNL Creative, a design agency out of Newport Beach. Here, Diana gained hands-on experience working strategically with a team creating packaging designs, marketing collateral, web & social media graphics, and more. Her hard work and flexibility allowed her to pivot towards Commercial Real Estate marketing at Hanley Investment Group.

In addition to almost half a decade of experience, Diana is currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design at California State University, Long Beach. In her free time, Diana enjoys walking her dog, kayaking, trying new foods, and building custom mechanical keyboards.

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